Dr. Constance Catellani, MD


Dr.Catellani speaks frequently on the issues of integrative medicine and alternative healing. The following articles first appeared in NOHA, now known as the American Nutrition Association:

My Odyssey to Integrative Medicine
Dr Catellani was an allopathically trained ER doctor. She discovered homeopathy and other alternative medicine when one of her four children needed help that Western medicine just wasn't offering.

Beyond Hormone Replacement Therapy
Women recently got the bad news that long-term Hormone Replacement Therapy may be more harmful than helpful. Dr. Catellani explains different natural options available to women going through menopause and beyond.

The Elephant in the Exam Room

Healthcare in the United States has always been tied to profits, and links to politics and pharmaceutical companies.  Here are some of my thoughts!

Is your diet playing a role in your health and healing?